About Akron and Tallmadge’s OBGYN Practice, The Women’s Health Group

Office Hours and Appointments

Both Women’s Heath Group locations in Akron, Ohio and Tallmadge, Ohio are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Our Tallmadge, Ohio office is open on Monday until 7 p.m. for ultrasounds. When calling to schedule an appointment at our OBGYN practice, please state the reason for your appointment: annual well visit, problem visit, or maternity visit. At Women’s Health Group, we want to make sure sufficient time is allocated for your care. Our doctors and staff strive to be on time. On occasion, emergencies can cause delays. We respect your time and will keep you informed if that happens. We ask that you provide us with at least a 24-hour notice when cancelling your appointment at Women’s Health Group.

After Hours

At Women’s Health Group, one of our OBGYN practice physicians is available around the clock, seven days a week for emergencies. If you need to contact us outside of our normal business hours, our answering service can be reached at 330-379-0328. The service will forward your message to the doctor on call. Your call will be returned at the earliest opportunity. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Prescriptions and Refills

We ask that you request prescription refills on your maintenance medications at your yearly appointment with Women’s Health Group. Request for refill on maintenance medications will otherwise be addressed during regular Women’s Health Group office hours. Please allow 48 hours for a refill to be sent to the pharmacy. Controlled substances will not be filled over the phone.

Telephone Calls

Patients may call Women’s Health Group with questions regarding the OBGYN care we provide. And because we try to minimize physician interruptions during office hours, our OBGYN practice staff is trained to answer many of your questions. They will relay information to the physician and your call will be returned at the earliest opportunity.

Insurance Coverage and Policies

At our Akron, Ohio and Tallmadge, Ohio locations, Women’s Health Group participates with most insurance plans and will submit a claim form directly to them on your behalf. We do require you to pay your co-pay prior to your appointment with the doctor. Most plans no longer require a referral to see our physicians. Our OBGYN practice staff will make every effort to check benefits and coverage on your behalf for procedures, surgery or maternity care. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to know the requirements of your particular plan. If you have a specific question concerning billing or coverage you can call Renee at Women’s Health Group at 330-899-0221.